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I got a lot of questions about the materials that I use for my 3D drawings. Here are the drawing tools I use for my mixed media technique.

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The most common question concerns my gel pen and white pencil. Here's what I use for the points of light:
- WHITE GEL PEN, Pentel Hybrid or Uni Ball Signo
- WHITE PENCIL, Caran d'Ache Pablo or Prismalo
- WHITE MARKERS, Uniposca PC-5M and Uniposca PC-1MR
- WHITE ACRYLIC PAINT, Badger Air-Opaque Ready-to-Use
- WHITE WATERCOLOUR, Ecoline Ready-to-Use

I always use my Caran d'Ache set of 120. I also have a set of 80. I have them since '90's and pencils are always excellent! I also use Prismacolor especially for portraits (I started with the set of 72 and now I have also the set of 150)

FIBRE-TIP PENS with two tips for sketching and drawing thin lines (1.0 mm tip) or colouring large areas (3.0 mm tip): Staedtler Noris Club Double Ended Fibre Tips Set of 10 
- PITT ARTIST PENS (Brush Tip): Chromium Green Opaque Brush 174Dark Phthalo Green 264Earth Green 172, Cold Grey III 232, Nougat 178Pitt Artists Skin Toned Set (Light Skin, Medium Skin, Light Flesh), Sanguine Set
- COPIC MARKERCopic Markers 12-Piece Warm Gray Set and various colors (see image below)Copic Markers Super Fine Nib and Copic Markers Tweezer

TRIA MARKERS: I used Tria for a long time, but unfortunately  the production has now been discontinued. I've replaced Tria with  Copic Classic Marker.  I still have some old Tria, refilled with Copic ink. I have also a Promarkers 24 set.

This Markers Storage is perfect for my Copic Markers.

COPIC INK REFILL - Copic markers are refillable and with replaceable nibs, this allow you to extend their life and in the long run they are very convenient. The refill that I use the most are these: Black 110, Warm Grey W2, Warm Grey W5 and Warm Grey W8

I use an airbrush for doing some shadows. Airbrushing requires an Airbrush, a Compressors, Masking Film and Acrylic Ink. 
MASKING FILM: Frisket Film Roll 

I'm using these graphite pencils:
- CARAN D'ACHE GRAFWOOD, 9B Pencil, 8B Pencil and B Pencil
I also use ERASER PENCILS and BLENDING STUMPS for blending both, graphite and coloured pencils

I use Ecoline, a ready-to-use liquid watercolour with brilliant, bright colours. I have these: 718 Warm Grey, 700 Black, 508 Prussian Blue, 506 Ultramarine Deep, 505 Ultramarine Light, 656 Forest Green, 407 Deep Ochre, 411 Burnt Sienna, 416 Sepia, 422 Red Brown, 337 Magenta, 334 Scarlet, 236 Light Orange, 237 Deep Orange, 381 Pastel Red, 201 Ligth Yellow, 100 White.

I always draw on grey toned paper because my drawings appear even more realistic and more lifelike. Sometime I use also green, blue and pink toned paper.
Grey toned paper: grey paste cardboard made of recycled fiber, obtained by coupling of two cardboards, thickness 1.8 mm.
I use a paper produced in Italy by Bossotti. Unfortunately, they don't sell online and they sell a minimum of 29 sheets 72x101cm which, once cut, become 232 sheets 25x36cm (they can cut paper and cardboard in the desired format).