Primary School via Luigi Scrosati 3 Milano 
I started to get interested in drawing while attending elementary school, 1975-1980.
In those years I drew especially comics and cartoon characters, using markers.

Lower Secondary School "Dante Alighieri" via Luigi Scrosati 4 Milano
I attended this school from 1980 to 1983. At 11 years old I participated in a contest on TV with a caricature of Gaetano Scirea, an Italian football player, and I won a Sinclair ZX81 computer.

Arts High School "Liceo Artistico Statale Umberto Boccioni" piazzale Arduino 4 Milano
I have perfected my technique of drawing at the Art School. In those years, I bought an airbrush and I learned to use it all by myself. After graduation I worked as an art restorer, with my Sculpture teacher, Prof. Luciano Formica, an important Italian restorer. I restored a Roman floor mosaic and a piece of the Roman circus (via Circo, Milano).

School of Applied Art (Editorial and Advertising Illustration) “Castello Sforzesco" in Milan In this School I became an illustrator, by perfecting my airbrushing and mixed media technique. My drawing teacher was Anna Montecroci.

In this Castle, Leonardo da Vinci painted the frescoed ceiling of the "Sala delle Asse" in 1498.

Thinking that 500 years ago, the great Leonardo da Vinci lived and worked in these same places where I was studying, it was a source of pride and inspiration to always do my best.

The Politecnico di Milano (Master of Science in Architecture) via Ampere 2 Milano.
In 2004 I got my master's degree in Architecture where I implemented my passion for the garden art design.
I passed the national test (Italian Architect Registration examination) in 2005 at the Politecnico di Milano.