Here's an example of how to realize an illustration. In this simple guide we draw an apple.

I draw the apple on a light sheet that is not definitive one. When the edge is ready, I transfer it on the final sheet (F4 smooth) with the help of the graphite paper. In this way I avoid drawing too many lines on the paper and the inevitable fingerprints, stains and traces of graphite eraser.

I stick the special airbrush masking film on the entire paper, then the masking film can be carefully cutted long the edges of the apple with a cutter.

When done, I can unmask the entire apple.

Now I can start with airbrush to get the desired hue background.

I cover the apple and I unmask the backgroung covered, so I can airbrush the main shadows of my apple.

Now I got the illustration with its complete background hue.

I use an eraser pencil to create the base of the lights.

At this point I finish the drawing with colored pencils, creating ripples, grain and the petiole. I retouch the extreme lights with white acrylic paint, and I use the black one to paint the shadow lines.

In a nutshell this is the technique that I use for each illustration, from the simplest to the most complex. I hope this little tutorial will be helpful.